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Sealing Tips

Let Us Reseal Your Paver or Seal A New Paver for You

You can call the highly skilled professionals at Paver Pro Jax to reseal existing pavers, or seal new ones for the first time. If you would like us to provide a first-time sealing on your concrete surface, you'll be happy to know that we offer a one-year WARRANTY on our services. Your satisfaction is 100% GUARANTEED!

Take a Look at These Helpful Sealing Tips

  • The work of landscapers or any other maintenance team should not be done on the day of sealing.
  • If their equipment normally drives over the pavers, reschedule them to come 2 days after sealing to allow for sufficient "curing" time. Please note that landscapers are advised not to make tight turns on sealed pavers in order to prevent tire markings from their riding equipment.
  • Remove furniture, plants, and any other movable decorative items from any area being cleaned and sealed.
  • Pool maintenance service should not be done on the day of sealing. Regular pool maintenance can be performed the day after the sealing to remove any sand or debris from the pool and filters.
  • Repairing and cleaning dirty, sandy, moldy pavers in the pool area make for a very dirty job. We do our best not to get debris into the pool but please be prepared to have the pool cleaned following the restoration process.  
  • If we seal pool area, the water may get slightly cloudy from the sealer. This will dissipate within 24 hours. The sealer will not harm the pool or stick to any components. You may swim in your pool the next day.
  • Turn off your sprinkler system on the day before and on the day your pavers are being cleaned and sealed. If sanding, pavers need to be dry to ensure good point penetration.
  • Make sure all automobiles that will need to be used are out of the garage and not on the paver area that is to be cleaned and sealed. If you are not at home on the day of cleaning and sealing and when garage doors close on the pavers, make arrangements with your sealing technician to be sure that garage doors will be left open if you want that area sealed.
  • The paver surface can be opened to foot traffic 4 to 6 hours after cleaning and sealing are completed.
  • Although our sealer can be applied to damp pavers, paver sealer takes up to 1-2 hours to attach to the paver surface after sealing. If rain occurs within the hour after sealing, please notify Paver Pro Jax so that we may inspect for washout.
  • When full sand is provided on contract, there can be joints or edges that will not hold sand due to additional washout and settling under the pavers or the joint too small to accept sand. Paver Pro Jax is not responsible for these occurrences. Paver Pro Jax will provide a free second sanding only if this occurs to 25% or over of the total square footage with the sand line ½ inch below chamfer. Any additional sealer or sanding will be charged accordingly. If full sanding is requested and not on the estimate, there will be an additional charge of .15 cents per square feet.
  • The paver surface can be opened to vehicular and lawn maintenance traffic 48-72 hours after the cleaning and sealing are completed. To prevent tire markings, do not make any tight turns or sudden stops.
  • You may replace furniture, plants, and any other decorative items on the paver surface the next day.

Sealing Maintenance Recommended Every 2 to 3 Years

The enhanced sealer can only darken your pavers as much as water will penetrate the paver. This has nothing to do with sheen — matte, satin or semi-gloss. If you would like to know the achieved look, spray water on pavers to visualize results. Sheen varies with each paver property based on the age of the paver, paver aggregate, the material of paver and porosity. Paver Pro Jax recommends sealing maintenance every 2 to 3 years.
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