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Paver Pro Jax specializes in exterior pressure washing, waterproofing, paver care and maintenance. On this page, we have tried to answer some important frequently asked questions related to paver sealing, installation and more.

Check Out These FAQs

Q. What does sealing do for pavers?
A. Sealing is meant to protect pavers from the elements, such as rain, sun, and so on, and anything staining that could damage them. It creates an invisible barrier on top of the pavers that repels water, oil, and anything else you might accidentally drop on your driveway or pool deck - as long as you wash it clean as soon as you spot it. Sealing also preserves the pavers natural beauty for years to come. Unfortunately, sealing does not prevent ants from coming up from your lawn and weeds from sprouting up due to seeds in the air. Our services include addressing the joints, which is the correct way to restore and protect your paving system. Don’t ever just seal without addressing the joints!
Q. How long does the process take?
A. One to two days depending on weather and plan of action. On day one, our goal is to safely clean your project utilizing professional grade cleaners and state-of-the-art equipment. This process will remove dirt, weeds, grass and most stains (stubborn penetrating stains like oil and rust may not come all the way out). On day two, the technician blows off the residual sand to the dried substrate. After the sand is properly applied, Paver Pro technicians apply one or two coats of sealers depending on the porosity of the substrate. Vehicles can be driven over completed jobs 48-72 hours after sealing is complete. Pedestrians may walk on the sealed surface after just a couple of hours but we recommend at least 4 hours. We do provide a one day process for high traffic residential and commercial properties.
Q. When do my pavers need re-sanding?
A. Joint sand is the finishing touch of any paver job. It gets into the little spaces between the pavers and secures them, preventing them from moving or shifting. Sometimes, after pressure cleaning, sand is blasted out of place. Re-sanding is recommended where necessary. Most people think that the sand needs to come all the way to the surface. The sand secures the pavers together and does not need to be seen to do its job. If spaces are unusually large between the pavers, they might be shifting due to damage to your edge restraints, and you might be in need of repairs.
Q. Would sealing my pavers make them shine?
A. Sealing is made to protect the pavers and also to preserve their beauty. When our sealer is applied, it deeply penetrates while darkening the original color. Sometimes, you might get the paver to have a high sheen, but it depends on your pavers density, aggregate, color and if previously sealed. Darker colors tend to have a more noticeable sheen than lighter ones. Again, this is a bonus that comes with sealing and not its main purpose.
Q. How often do I need to reseal my pavers?
A. We recommend a minimum of 18 months prior to resealing. Generally 2 - 3 years for driveways and 3 - 4 years for pool decks depending on conditions and wear. In addition, the quality of the pavers and the condition of the pavers play a role in the longevity.
Q. What am I to expect when you come to pressure clean and seal my pavers?
A. Paver Pro pressure cleaning and sealing process take normally one day (weather permitting). If sanding is included, it takes 2 days - again weather permitting. If we are working around a pool, great care will be taken in keeping your pool clean, but even though we are careful, your pool will be subject to debris (i.e. sand, dirt, etc) from pressure cleaning. If you have a cover for the pool, we will gladly use it. We suggest scheduling your pool company to inspect your filters and clean your pool after we complete the job. No lawn maintenance and sprinklers on the day we clean and seal.
Q. My pavers were just installed. How long do I need to wait before I can seal them?
A. Generally 30 - 60 days after manufacturing, but it really depends on the type of pavers you have and the extent of efflorescence present in your pavers. Also, follow the recommendation of the paver manufacturer.
Q. I had my pavers sealed a few months ago, but now there’s a white cloudy film on the surface. Can this be fixed?
A. If too much sealer is applied, the pavers become saturated with product, resulting in a milky-white appearance when dried. Another cause is not giving the pavers enough time to dry completely after cleaning before applying the sealer. The sealer traps moisture inside the paver, resulting in a white haze. Depending on the sealer applied, we recommend applying a solvent to re-wet the sealer and allow the moisture to escape. If the re-wetting doesn’t work, we would need to strip the sealer off the pavers.
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